Dallas Zoo ‘Giants of the Savanna’

The ‘Giants of the Savanna’ Exhibit Expansion to the Dallas Zoo is an 11-acre design-build project with an accelerated schedule and unique design requirements. On the 11-acre site is a five-acre animal habitat, four holding facilities totaling 20,000 square feet, a café and a viewing pavilion.

This multi-species state-of-the-art attraction has required the design and construction team to move as quickly as possible due to numerous political and environmental concerns. Pacheco Koch was hired to provide both civil engineering and land surveying services for the project. The engineering scope included the design of public and private water and wastewater mains, an in-depth drainage analysis, and the design of a complex storm sewer system that included separate storm systems for animal and pedestrian areas. The storm systems also included treatment and diversion of runoff to meet future City stormwater quality requirements. Pacheco Koch also took the lead on coordination with DART, Dallas Water Utilities, the City of Dallas Parks Department, and the City of Dallas Development Services Department during the permitting and review process in order to keep all parties informed and maintain the accelerated project schedule.


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